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Privacy Policy

The Standard Gazette Privacy Policy

By using TSTGA website, mobile and tablet applications and any other services, users are consenting and agreeing to the practices outlined in the statement.

TSTGA will always handle information and protect the privacy of all users.

Collection of Data and Use of Your Personal Information

TSTGA collect users data and personal information in this ways :

  • On the website when a user use a Contact Form for sending an inquiry.
  • When a user downloads mobile and web apps or subscribe to NaijaCenter News email newsletter.

The Standard Gazette use your data and personal information in this ways :

  • To improve TSTGA website, to prevent, to detect fraud or abuses of the website and enable third parties to carry out logistical, technical or any other functions on our behalf
  • To provide users with requested information
  • To send the details of users new account information (after registration process – usually send via email)
  • To change users when there is a change of terms and conditions, booking or this privacy policy.
  • With users, permission, TSTGA will use the contact information to send any promotional material, a special offering by phone or email. You can refuse this activity by letting us know.
  • To provide aggregate statistics about our customers, traffic, sales and all related site information to show some reputation third parties, but these statistics will not include personal information
  • TSTGA may receive any information about you from any source and if we think it needed, we will add it into your account to make sure your account is properly maintained.

Non-disclosure to third parties

All the information TSTGA collects are very important and we will not share this information with any other. Unless we have your permission, we will not disclose, sell, trade, rent your personal information to any third parties for their marketing purposes.

In order that TSTGA is sold or integrated with any other business network, The Standard Gazette may disclose users information to the new owners.


 This site uses cookies and tags. Cookies are small files that can be stored in your browser on computer / tablet / notebook’s hard drive and let the browser to pass small amounts of information to website server. Tags are transparent graphic files that appear on the webiste pages. Tags collect anonymous information about usage of the website.

It uses its own cookies and tags as well as it comes from any other third parties to let us do number of things to improve our website quality. The cookies are used to compile anonymous statistics related to the use of the website or actions that you may take while visiting the website. The cookies can also used to ensure the website works efficiently.

Even cookies/tags can identify you as a user of TSTGA website, your personal information is not stored or used to individually identify you and the cookie/tag cannot access your personal information that you have no provided when visiting the website, to ensure your personal information is safe.

We use these cookies to make the smooth operation of the website such as the ability to let automatic login process when you visiting the website again (with your permission of course). We also use these cookies and tag to monitor website visits and actions to understand the performance of the website.

The cookies also used to monitor the performance of our advertising and to serve appropriate advertisements to you on other websites. TSTGA will not share any personal information about users.

Users can change the browser setting’s so that the browser will not accept cookies, but it will make some of website funciton stopped working. Most of web browsers allow some control of most cookies through browser common settings.

Security Of Your Information

We understand your privacy is the most important things, so we are following security procedures in storage and disclosure of information which you have given us. This to prevent unauthorised access or unlawful processing your personal information for any violation used. Any credit card or debit card details are not saved in TSTGA site when users make any order.

Users Consent

By using TSTGA users consent to the collection storage and processing of users personal information by the website in a manner set out in this privacy policy. In order we do any change of this privacy policy, we will post the changes in this website so you are aware of all the updates. You should maintain to review this privacy policy periodically.

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