5 Affordable Date Ideas: Woo Your Girl Without Breaking The Bank

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5 Affordable Date Ideas: Woo Your Girl Without Breaking The Bank
Don't let the fact that you're broke get in the way of love.

For men, the quest of getting a girlfriend is difficult on two levels: actually getting a girlfriend in the first place and keeping up financially. The latter is tricky because men are often the ones who pay for dates. Sometimes because they insist and sometimes because their date wants someone who is a bit traditional.

In order to impress, men feel as though they must open their wallets. This, ultimately, makes getting a girlfriend an expensive feat.

For some, this is not a big deal — they have a good job, they have a trust fund, they invented Facebook. But, most men, particularly if they are young and in entry level jobs, don't make the kinds of cash that allows them to shell out a hundred dollars on red roses or two hundred dollars on lobster dinners. So, they have three options: quit dating, rob a bank, or get creative.

Those who opt to get creative often find that dating doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive. There are, in fact, dozens of dating ideas that don't require you to take out a second mortgage on your home.

So, once you've accomplished the task of getting a girlfriend and have moved on to the task of keeping a girlfriend, consider these five cheap date ideas:

A Sunset Walk
A sunset walk is unbelievably romantic and completely free. But, it is limited to certain times of the year. A sunset walk in Denver in June will probably be perfect, a sunset walk in Minnesota in the middle of February probably won't.

A Picnic
A picnic is another date that costs very little, except for a few bucks to buy sandwiches and coleslaw. It's also quite romantic, whether it's at dinner or lunch, the mountains or the beach. Even a simple picnic at the park can paint you as incredibly thoughtful.

A Festival
Depending on where you live, festivals can be extraordinarily common. They are more common in the summer months when there is one every other hour, but they do exist all year long. The best part about them is they are a very cheap way to go out and do something a little different.

You need to take a few bucks for the obligatory turkey leg you'll be forced to purchase (they might not let you leave until you do), but most people can have fun at festivals for minimal dough (oddly, about as much as used in Funnel Cakes).

A Blood Drive
Going to a blood drive, or just a blood bank, if there are no drives going on, is another date idea that costs you nothing. It's also one of the easiest, and least time-consuming, ways to volunteer.

You and your date can donate blood side by side before having a lovely meal of juice boxes and sugar cookies. Plus, Dylan and Brenda did it on 90210, so you know it has to be awesome.

A Camping Trip
A camping trip is a very affordable date idea as long as you already have most of the gear. Running out and buying a tent, a lantern and a sub-zero sleeping bag isn't exactly going to save you money. But, if you have the gear, camping will really only cost you in gas and food (and perhaps license fees if you plan to fish).

It's also teaming with romanticism: from the fireside kisses to cuddling underneath the stars. Just be sure to mention it to your girlfriend beforehand. If she's expecting red wine and a down comforter, she may be less than thrilled with canned beans and the potential rabies exposure.

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