[Sponsored Post]: 10 Signs That You Are Dating a Loser

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One in ten women complain that she was dating a loser. You know that guy who makes a lot of promises, which he is not going to keep for you to find that you've been investing yourself and your emotions in the wrong person. Guess you already asking yourself “Am I dating a loser?”. Before figuring out whether you are dating a loser or not, you probably wonder why do women date losers? Simple, they don't know the top ten signs of a loser, which you are about to learn in order to not date a loser ever again.


Not denying your inner child is absolutely okay and it has nothing to do with immaturity. But if your boyfriend refuses to grow in order to escape any responsibility that's the sign of immaturity, thus the sign the screaming sign that you are dating a loser.


It doesn't matter if you are really cheating on him or you went to see your family or friends, you are definitely a cheater for him. Things get even worse if you have male friends. He accuses you of infidelity and he is constantly suspicious (but at the same time, he feels okay about looking through dating girls profiles on the Internet).


Of course he has a reason for it... Mostly this reason is that he feels that success is waiting for him somewhere behind the corner, so he has no time to waste on some simple job for losers. Well, yep, it's another sign that you are dating a loser.

No Respect

Whatever you do is wrong for him? No matter what you think it doesn't matter for him? Well, it seems that he doesn't respect you. Respect is the main aspect of relationships, and if it lacks... you are dating a loser.

Shake Your Moneymaker

Yes, times have changed and it is normal when you go Dutch. But it is not normal when a you pay for the guy. You can, occasionally, but if you pay for him all the time, well he is a loser...moreover, he makes you a loser too.

No Support

Mainly, when you are in relationship, you are supporting your partner and it is naturally that you expect your partner to support you too. In case if your partner makes fun of each and every attempt of yours to do something, again you are dating a loser.


It is absolutely okay if your boyfriend wants to spend some time with his friends. We all need some time alone anyway. But if your boyfriend would prefer meeting with his buds over spending time with, especially if you planned the date beforehand... Congratulations, you are dating a loser.

Constant Unhappiness

When was the last time your partner felt happy? He has a reason for that? Because if he has then everything is okay. If he is constantly moaning and complaining without any reason, then you should be concerned. If he's complaining all the time that life is not fair without trying to change something... You already know what it means.

Selfish in Bed

“Oh, it's not fair/And it's really not OK/Oh you're supposed to care/But all you do is take/Yeah, all you do is take”, regardless of whether you know this Lily Allen's song or not, those lines seem familiar to you, because you are quite sure that you could have written them. This means you are dating a loser.


He doesn't know how to say thank you? He doesn't know how to be polite? Well, again, you know what it means.

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