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2 Nigerian Celebrities caught in drugs, sex scandal


The gist we have on the gossip column is ‘HOT’ so hot that we won’t be able to mention names but we’ll give the readers an opportunity to place images to the blank faces we have posted, and guesses as to who we’re talking about.

Sources have confirmed that two of our famous celebrities, people we actually hold in ‘high esteem’ in the music and film industry are sleeping with each other.

It’s not the fact that they are ‘doing it’ that’s the bone of contention (they are old enough to makethese choices unaided) its that other parties are usually involved.

What is even more shocking is that even though they are having sex with each other, they are also attracted to members of their own sex, so the ‘other parties’ involved are actually another couple – which gives us an Orgy!

Both of them have been known to do several hard drugs and the female party has had to enter into rehab more than once to overcome the habit while the male party has become ‘hardened’.

We also heard that it was the male party that actually introduced the female party to taking these drugs.

Some unconfirmed sources have it that the female party prefers ‘doing it’ from ‘behind’ (if you know what I mean) and as at the time of this story, she has been bleeding for a while though she’s not on her period.

We can only hope that they both use protection and that the lady (if she can still be called that) in question takes good care of herself, also that our ‘brother’ would embrace whatever sexuality he really is and not stay confused.

You can drop your comments on who you think both parties and maybe we would give some more details, but we are not promising anything though


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