Ganduje Bribery Allegation: Buhari Claims Video Authenticity Is Doubtful

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While at a town hall appearance on Wednesday night, President Muhammadu refused to talk vastly on the bribery allegation that rocked the Kano State Governor, Aldullahi Ganduje.

President Muhammadu Buhari departs on a 3-day official visit to Kenya
President Muhammadu Buhari

Buhari said since the matter was in court, it would amount to subjunctive speaking publicly about it.

Buhari also claimed that he could not confirm the authenticity of the video.

The interview is currently screamed live on NTA and moderated by Kadaria Ahmed.

Daily Nigerian first released the video of Ganduje collecting bribes running into hundreds of thousands of dollars last year.

The online network said the video was recorded by willing contractors who had complained about how the governor was collecting bribe from them.

Though the video was denied by the governor claiming the image was cloned, but Nigerians mocked the governor and his political party.

Premium Times confirmed that the video was real despite the President's doubt.

Speaking on the issue during the interview on Wednesday, Buhari said the court involvement and the House decision to investigate the incident deprived him from commenting on it.

“The State Assembly is investigating and they have the mandate to deal with it and they have also gone to court, so I decided not to talk about it,” Mr Buhari said.

Buhari said he saw the video but wondered why Ganduje would take the money from contractors himself, smiling?

He said, “The system has given me some relief, it is in the court and the Assembly.

“I hope by the time I go to Kano for my campaign there will be some answers from the court or the Assembly,” he said.

Buhari added, “As I told you, I have seen the clip. I don’t know how much technology was used but can Ganduje fail to trust someone to take it to him? Does he have to take it himself? Smiling? I honestly am overwhelmed. The system has given me some relief; it is in court. It is in the state assembly. So, let them as much as possible deal with it.

“This has received a lot of publicity and I hope by the time I visit Kano for my re-election campaign, there would be some answers from the courts and assembly in Kano State.”

Moderator Caution Osinbajo Over Attempt to Speak On His Behalf

The moderator quickly caution Osinbajo who was jumping in several times to rescue his boss.

“He can talk for himself,” the moderator retorted.

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