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Stella Oduah Shamelessly Blames Dino Melaye, APC for her scandal

By Ehi Ekhator

Finally, the sinking aviation minister, Ms, Stella Oduah broke silence yesterday over the bulletproof cars scandals that has spread round the media for more than a week now.

In her reply, she alleged that her accusers are politicians who are trying to get to President Jonathan administration through accusing her wrongly.

A method to make president Jonathan who already believe that nobody likes his administration, conclude that they are scandalizing the aviation minister’s name to get to him.

As many Nigerians would expect the aviation minister to respond to the allegation, but she spoke through the Coordinating General Manager Corporation Communication, Aviation Parastatals, Yakubu Dati.

His words:  “The poorly organised circus show by APC strong-man, Dino Melaye, has finally unmasked the masquerade dancing under the mask.”

Dati continued in the statement: “the phantom linkage of the Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah to the purchase of official vehicles by NCAA has assumed a comical dimension as every car, bus and van in all the aviation agencies now allegedly belong to the Minister of Aviation.”

Dati added that in all of the speculations, a fact is clear that the aviation minister’s name, Stella Oduah was not in anyways mentioned in any of the documents displayed for the armoured cars.

“This is not with-standing the fact that the NCAA has come out to clarify the issue that entered into the transaction.
“Indeed, Nigerians are mischievously sold the lie that the cars have been paid for – meanwhile they were purchased on higher purchase and payments are yet to even commence,” he explained.

“Nigerians must also note that the main target of this sinister plot is President Goodluck Jonathan who must be stopped from running for re-election in 2015, in line with the dictates of the G7, who have demanded that Okonjo Iweala, Alison Madueke, and Princess Oduah must go as a condition for a truce (?)” He alleged.

According to him, “these same spoilers mounted and orchestrated campaign for the removal of other shinning stars.  And now, they have turned their searchlight on Princess Stella Oduah, another rising star of this administration. Should they be allowed to succeed this time?”

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