20-year old man creates device that generates electricity from people walking

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Jeremiah Thoronka, a remarkable 20-year-old guy, created a device that harnesses the energy of people walking to produce sustainable energy. He was also appointed a United Nations Academic Impact Millennium Fellow.

Jeremiah Thoronka, a native of Sierra Leone, explained that the inadequate electricity supply that afflicts his nation led to his decision to investigate the field of power generation.

He was raised in a slum camp by his lone mother, where they had to heat and light their home with charcoal and wood.

Jeremiah Thoronka
Jeremiah Thoronka

After personally experiencing the negative impacts of insufficient electricity supply, Jeremiah set out to develop a remedy for his nation's problem. He received a scholarship to attend secondary school, forcing him to leave their program for a setting with more rigorous academic standards. The distance between their village and the school, according to Jeremiah, is far and had to walk long distance.

Jeremiah enrolled in the African Leadership University in Rwanda after completing his secondary education to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Global Challenges, Energy, and Environment.

At the age of 17, he founded Optim Energy, a start-up that converts vibrations from moving automobiles and pedestrian footfall on roadways into an electric current, when he was a student at the university.

In his words, “Every day I was moving between two worlds. There was electricity in abundance at school."

Jeremiah earned a First-Class degree from the African Leadership University and went on to enroll in Durham University's Master's program after being awarded the United Kingdom's Commonwealth Shared Scholarship.


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