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I Am A Better PLayer Under Ancelotti – Alex Iwobi

Super Eagles and Everton FC Forward Alex Iwobi says he is “getting better every day ” under the tutelage of the new club manager, Carlo Ancelotti ..

“I have grown up playing on the left or as a number 10 and he has combined the two ( in one position ),” Iwobi told

I Am A Better PLayer Under Ancelotti – Alex Iwobi
I Am A Better PLayer Under Ancelotti – Alex Iwobi

“It feels natural and I am comfortable in the system, it has been bringing the best from me in training.

“The way he ( Ancelotti ) tells me to come inside is helping my body position, so I receive the ball in a better place ( on the field ).

“It means my first touch takes me where I should go and I can come infield at the right time to be free and able to turn and play forward.

“He is helping me a lot and I am benefiting in training. “I feel I am getting better every day with him .”

Iwobi missed six weeks after injuring his hamstring against former club Arsenal back in December and confessed his period out “felt like a year ”.

Iwobi ’s layoff around the turn of the year represented his longest spell of inactivity since playing the first of 149 games for Arsenal in October 2015.

“It was the worst time,” said Iwobi. “For people who have long- term injuries, Lord knows how they feel. I was out for four weeks ( before he could rejoin first-team training ) and it felt like a year. So long.

“It feels like punishment. But it is something you have to do and I was so hungry to be back as soon as possible.”

“I love playing football. “It is a licence to go and express myself with the ball. There is pressure in life but when I am on the pitch, I feel I can express myself through football .”

“That is how I ’ve felt since I was a kid.” Iwobi signed a five – year deal when he joined Everton from boyhood club Arsenal on transfer deadline day back in August.

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