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The Standard Gazette (formerly Naija Center News) is published by Teldem Communications Limited, a media engaged in consultancy and publishing. It is an online news portal geared towards the dissemination of the latest happenings around the world. TSTGA was launched on the 31st of August 2020 to bring the latest news to readers.

Among some of the worst-paid reporters in Africa, Nigerian journalists are seldom given money to cover travel or other expenses, let alone pay their salary on time.

Affecting the way stories are reported, some of the country’s most pressing events have either gone unnoticed or underreported.

Amid this climate where investigative journalism is severely stifled, corrupt and illicit practices have begun to flourish.

Reporters are often seen waiting for cash handouts from politicians and government officials at press conferences before rarely questioning them or fact-checking.

And in a country where corruption tends to trickle from the top down, it is becoming harder for readers to distinguish fact from fiction.

The London Post would want to break this barrier by relying on public assistance, relying on those who believe in fighting corruption in Nigeria and not those seen in the face of some media.

Many Media in Nigeria are in the pocket of those they are supposed to be fighting and investigating. The politicians throw money at them to alter news in their favour.

We believe Nigeria can be saved, and we want to be brutal in exposing those looting the country dry. This cannot be done without the assistance of those who have no political affiliation and want a better Nigeria.

The money will be used to recruit more journalists who are desperate to make a difference and acquire equipment and other gadgets needed for our investigation.

This means so much to us because Nigeria is our home; the country has so many potentials and untapped resources, while those we trusted are stabbing us in the back, looting our collective resources, turning the middle and the poor class into slaves while their children school abroad.

Please assist us in getting across and providing credible information through financial independence. Chip in a token to join the fight to create a better Nation

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