63-Year-Old Man Convicted After Deliberately Driving Car Over Two Friends In Bexley

A court in Old Bailey has convicted a 63-year-old man after he deliberately drove at a man and dragged him under his car for nine metres.

Uran Nabiev, from Bexley Road, Erith was convicted on Monday, June 22.

He was also convicted of actual bodily harm (ABH) on a second man.

Uran Nabiev
Uran Nabiev

The defendant will be sentenced at the same court on Tuesday, June 23.

The offence was committed on Friday, October 18, 2019.

Jake Kemp, 26, from Barnehurst had been at the bar drinking with a friend on Bexley Road.

They left the pub a few minutes before midnight, according to the police report. They bought more beer at a local garage and then went to a friend's house.

At about 04:30hrs on Saturday, they left their friend's house and walked along Bexley Road.

According to a confession from Jake's friend, he had punched and broken a wing mirror of a parked Toyota Prius; admitting that it was an act of drunken stupidity.

But the owner of the car, Nabiev who had witnessed the boys damaged his vehicle got into his car and drove after them.

The duo was walking along the pavement when the angry car owner drove up onto the pavement towards them.

According to the Met Police, Jake's friend was hit by the car and pushed up onto the bonnet, he then fell on the ground and dislocated his shoulder while Jake escaped to the other side of the road.

Not done, Nabiev made a U-turn and sped down towards Jake, making Jake stumble. The Angry driver drove over him, dragging his body under the car for about nine metres.

He then drove off leaving Jake lying on the ground.

At the time the police, the London Ambulance Service and London's Air Ambulance arrived the scene, Jake was unconscious and was later rushed to the hospital.

However, he had sustained a brain injury and was pronounced dead three days after on October 22, 2019.

Knowing what he had done, Nabiev travelled to Heathrow Airport, bought a ticket and flew to his native country of Azerbaijan.

Detectives arrested Nabieu after he returned at Luton Airport on November 2019 on suspicion of murder.

When interviewed, the angry car owner said: "I did not intend in any way to cause the death of Jake and/or attempt the killing of any other person”.
He was interviewed and gave a prepared statement saying he “

Jake's family reacts to Nabiev's conviction for manslaughter, saying “Our son, Jake Kemp, died in a hit and run on Bexley Road in Bexley – he was hit on the 19th October and died of his injuries on 22nd October.

"As a family, we would like to thank our friends, community and the police for their continued support.

"We reserve special thanks for our QC, the CPS and the witness service staff at the court. Also, all the witnesses who gave evidence at the trial in difficult circumstances.

"We would give anything to have Jake back, he will continue to live in our hearts and will live on in many other lives.

"Please continue to respect our privacy during this difficult time allow us this time to grieve.”

The detective in the case, Inspector Jason Fitzpatrick said "Jake had done nothing wrong that night, he just happened to be with a friend who did a stupid act. It seems incredible that a young man should lose his life, and his family left devastated, over such a trivial matter.

“Nabiev will now face the consequences of that night’s terrible actions. I hope this result gives Jake’s family some closure, they continue to be in our thoughts.”

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