A University Student Charged With Murder Of Family members

A Kenyan court has charged a 22-year-old university student accused of killing his nuclear family members.

Lawrence Warunge was charged with killing his father, mother, brother, nephew, and a family farm worker on the night of January 5, 2021, in Kiambu, Central Kenya.

Warunge pleaded not guilty and was remanded pending the pre-trial hearing slated for May 11, 2021.

On a fateful night, Warunge was reported to have first descended on a farmworker who lived few meters from the family’s house before pouncing on his father, who attempted to scamper for his safety.

Next, he turned against his mother, brother, and nephew, killing them on the spot.

After the killings, Warunge fled the home with his bloodied clothes, murder weapons, and victims’ phones.

He headed to Nakuru, a town in the northwest of Nairobi, and rented a house with his girlfriend, who was also arrested.

He confessed to killing his family members to the detectives, saying he was inspired by ‘Killing Eve,’ a British dark comedy-drama spy thriller TV series.

The student disclosed to the police he chose to eliminate the deceased because they were talking badly of him, describing his parents as ‘satanic and killers.’

He had planned to kill everyone in his family, including his two sisters, but the plan failed after returning to school on December 5, said Warunge.

According to Warunge, after watching the tv series, he selected a metal rod and a 9-inch dagger as his murder weapons.

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