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Angry Wife Bites Off Husband Genitals Over Rat In The Bedroom

An angry wife bit off her husband’s penis over an argument about a disturbing rat in the bedroom.

The incident which happened in Kitwe, Zimbabwe led to a painful experience for Abraham Musonda, 52.

Musonda was attacked by his wife, Mukupa, 40 following an argument about a rat that she constantly saw in her bedroom area. police say.

Mukupa alleged the rodent had pestered her and she became angry when she returned home after having a drink with her friends to find the rat near her bed.

Disturbed by the rat, she ordered her husband to get rid of it.

However, the problem started when Musonda refused with the angry wife piercing her teeth through the skin of her husband’s genitals, causing her ‘major tear’.

Deputy Police Commissioner for Copperbelt Province, Bothwell Namuswa told a local newspaper, Zambian Observer that the pair are separated but still live under the same roof in separate rooms.

Commissioner Namuswa said Musonda was rushed to Kitwe Teaching Hospital for medical treatment following the attack.

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