A Prisoner Warder Explodes Teargas At A Pub

A prisoner warder is being held behind bars following an allegation that he detonated a tear gas at a bar in south Western Kenya.

The officer attached to Kendu Bay main prison was arrested on Thursday after it emerged that he dropped an object that exploded at a local restaurant in Kisii after the owner refused to open the door for him past curfew hours.

The government of Kenya imposed a 7 pm to 4 am dusk to dawn curfew in western Kenya and other parts of Rift Valley to avert the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. In other parts of the country, the curfew time run from 10 pm to 4 am.

Sospeter Moguri, the local restaurant owner, told the police that the officer arrived after the bar had been closed. He knocked at the main door, demanding to be allowed in, a request that Mr Moguri declined.

On realizing that his request was denied, the suspect threatened to drop something, but Moguri was unmoved by his intimidations.

He finally dropped an object beside the tarmac road, which exploded, causing tension in the restaurant.

Security officers from a nearby police post, Magena Police Station, arrived at the scene and arrested him.

An investigation has been launched pending arraignment.

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