A Taxi Driver Who Lost His Job For Reporting Drunk Children To Police Applauded

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A Kenyan taxi driver who his employer showed the door after he reported drunk school children to police officers met the Director of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti, on Thursday evening.

John Muthoni, the former 2NK Sacco employee, had earlier been invited by the DCI chief upon receiving news of his sacking, which was condemned by many Kenyans online.

Mr Kinoti celebrated his bravery after trying in vain to contain the intoxicated kids and driving the vehicle to a police station.

He wondered how 2NK Sacco would result to such a punitive action instead of encouraging other drivers to emulate Muthoni’s good example.

During their meeting at the Mazingira complex, Mr Kinoti once again commended the driver for the action he took to dissuade the students from self-destruction, adding that drugs and substance abuse had ruined the lives of the students many young men and women.

He decried the increasing cases of drug usage among students that had rendered parents and guardians helpless in trying to shape their children’s future.

The DCI director encouraged Muthoni to continue upholding the moral value of standing up for what is right, even if it meant putting his career at risk.

The incident comes in the wake of the many cases of schools unrest that have paralyzed studies in many learning institutions across the country.

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