CA extends SIM card registration deadline

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The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) has extended the SIM card registration deadline by six months.

This means Kenyans have until October 15 to update their details with the respective telecommunication firms.

CA boss Ezrea Chiloba said the decision was made after Kenyans failed to meet the April 15 one.

Chiloba said the authority will fine users who will not have registered their SIM cards by the lapse of the new deadline.

CA and the Mobile Network Operators held extensive consultations prior to the extension.

Chiloba and the MNOs held a meeting on Thursday, April 14 to assess the success rate of the exercise.

CA has maintained that the registration exercise is anchored in the constitution mandating mobile Network Operators to carry out the exercise.

“The requirement to update subscriber registration details is being done primarily to protect consumers of telecommunication services – who is you and me. Incidences of sim-boxing, financial fraud, kidnapping, terrorism, and related crimes prevail in situations of compromised sim card registration processes,” Chiloba said.

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