CDF Presides Over The Signing Of Performance Contracts For Top Military Leaders

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On Thursday, September 15, 2022, Chief of the Defence Forces (CDF), General Robert Kibochi, led the Services, Directorates, and Defence Controlled Units (DCUs) in signing Performance Contracts for the Financial Year 2022/23 at the Defence Headquarters in Nairobi.

The Performance Contracts are roadmaps of set targets that aid the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) as a whole in accomplishing its mandate of protecting and defending the nation's sovereignty and territorial integrity from external aggression.

The CDF lauded those present for their exemplary work that has seen the Ministry attain clean books of accounts as audited by the Auditor General and attained a mark of 'Excellent' in the last Financial Year.

He guided the departments' representatives present to uphold prudent utilization of resources aligned within the budget to sustain the excellent performance by the Ministry, to continue being rated among the best.

"We have opened up all our establishments to the Auditor General to visit all our projects, and accountability and professionalism is prudent," said the CDF.

"We have consistently upscaled our brand, that is KDF, and any brand can only continue to be attractive if there is consistency. As we sign these contracts, let it not be a ritual and instead, let the targets challenge us as we move to this Financial Year," added CDF.

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