Cholera Kills Four In Garissa

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An outbreak of Cholera has been reported in Garissa, Kenya's North Eastern.

As of November 27, three hundred and seventy-two cases of the contagious disease had been confirmed, out of which people have succumbed to the disease.

A preliminary report indicates that most cases originate from refugee camps, namely Hagadera, Dadaab, Dagahaley, IFO, Seretho, and Kambios.

The report further reveals that the first case was reported at the Hagadera camp before spreading to other.

So far, Hagadera camp has reported 160 cases, Dagahely 87, IFO 52, Seretho 10, and Kambios 5. Dadaab has also reported some cases.
Garissa County health executive Ahmednadhir Omar has called on the locals to improve their hygiene to curb the spread of the disease.

"It is only through joint efforts that we can contain this disease. We want to thank the national government and NGOs like Unicef, UNHCR, Kenya Red Cross among others who have remained active in sensitising the community," he said.

The county boss, police Boaz Cherutich attributed the outbreak of the disease to water shortage, poor hygiene, and lack of toilets.

Cherutich instructed the area leaders to move door to door to sensitize people on hygiene.

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