Copyright Tribunal Members Sworn-In

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Chief Justice Martha Koome, on Monday, September 26, 2022, presided over the swearing-in of the Copyright Tribunal members at the Supreme Court, Nairobi. ‎

The tribunal members include ‎Chairperson Ms. Elizabeth Lenjo and ‎Members: Ms. Helen Kiende, Mr. Wilfred Ogot, Ms. Caroline Opiyo ‎, and Mr. Joseph Ndungu.

The CJ said the success of the Copyright Tribunal has an impact on ‎fostering creativity and a bearing on the success of our arts and ‎cultural industry. ‎

She added that these 'post-industrial' aspects of ‎our economy rely upon copyright law to establish property rights ‎and protect revenues. ‎

‎"Therefore, you must robustly enforce copyright law for our ‎creatives and other authors of different forms of work to earn a ‎living and benefit from their works and innovation," the CJ said. ‎

She urged them to align the operations of the Copyright Tribunal ‎with the ethos of the 'Social Transformation through Access to ‎Justice' Vision. ‎

‎"By doing this, you play a role in ensuring that our talented and ‎creative artists and authors can make a career, earn a living, and ‎flourish from their work by protecting their intellectual property ‎rights," the CJ explained. ‎

The Copyright Tribunal is one of the institutions ‎intended to further the objectives of Article 40(5) of the Kenyan ‎Constitution, which instructs the State to support, promote and ‎protect the intellectual property rights of the people of Kenya.‎

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