Court Dismisses Petition Blocking CAS appointments

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The Employment Labour and Relations Court (ELRC) on Thursday dismissed a case filed by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) challenging the establishment of Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS) positions.

Confirming the Dismissal of the case, LSK President Eric Theuri said that the court found that the Public Service Commission (PSC) followed the correct procedure in setting up the office.

"ELRC court delivers judgment on the CAS case and finds that the PSC followed the correct procedure in setting up the office. Petition by the Law Society of Kenya is dismissed," said Theuri.

The society opposed the establishment of a CAS office due to the state of the country's economy and the government's financial limits.

The LSK further claimed that when the PSC solicited public input on the establishment of the office, it deliberately failed to give critical facts to assist people's informed involvement.

However, the court found that PSC followed the constitutional process to create such posts.

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