Court loss was not personal, says President Kenyatta

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Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has said the court was misguided to halt the Constitution amendment Bill popularly known as Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Speaking to Citizen Television on Monday from the State House, President Kenyatta accused unnamed politicians of misleading the public on the intention of the BBI.

He rubbished rumours that the initiative was meant to lead some politicians, including the opposition chief Raila Odinga to power.

“I hear some people say this BBI is meant to propel Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga declared his presidency with or without BBI and he is still on the ticket. BBI has nothing to do with his candidacy or Uhuru wanting to continue because there is no clause in the BBI saying that the incumbent President is going to continue for another 10 years,” said Kenyatta.

However, he noted that he respects the August 20, 2021, verdict delivered by the Court of Appeal.

“I’m more than happy to serve out my time and finish my program. I believe this is also part of my agenda to be able to bring people together and ensure we have a peaceful, stable country. Unfortunately, the courts have ruled the way they have ruled and I believe they have been highly misguided in that process. Unfortunately, we have had politicians, for short term political gain, who have deviated from why we had BBI to it being an issue of competition,” he added.

A seven-bench judge threw out the petitions challenging the High Court ruling that declared the unconstitutional.

The judges said BBI was initiated by the President even though the law does not allow him.

The BBI steering committee formed to oversee the process was also declared unlawful.

The appellant also ruled that the Bill was not subjected to adequate public participation.

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