CS Owalo officially inaugurates ICTA’s Board Members

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The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary of Kenya Eliud Owalo on Thursday morning officially commissioned the new Board of ICT Authority (ICTA).

Speaking at ICTA’s headquarters, the CS welcomed the Board members and informed them of their vital role in developing the ICT sector.

“You are coming in at an integral time in the journey we want to pursue based on our mandate.

As you are aware, the Kenya Kwanza policy framework is anchored on the Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda, which espouses the Digital Superhighway as a stand-alone thematic area,” CS said.

Noting that the Digital Superhighway entails rolling out 100,000 KM of fibre optic cable, establishing and operationalizing 25,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots, and establishing 1,450 village digital hubs – all domiciled within the functional mandate of the ICTA and, by extension, the MIC&DE.

CS Owalo stated that ICTA plays a critical role in the ministry, “we have already embarked on digitization of government records and digitalization of government services, with ICTA at the centre of its implementation.”

“Everything that this government wants to do over the next five years relies on ICT for purposes of re-engineering the internal operations of the government, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and enhancing our revenue base. We will rely on properly-generated resources to finance both the current and developmental expenditure,” he said.

The CS congratulated the Board members, stating, “having listened to the introduction and the brief resume of the individual Board members, I have got no doubt in my mind that you are equal to the task and will be able to provide proper governance oversight of the organization going forward.”

CS Owalo urged the Board members to preview the performance contract to guide the organization’s overall performance.

He encouraged them to constitute various committees of the Board for the proper execution of ICTA’S functions.

The CS recommended the Board members develop a Strategic Plan. “Ensure that when you embark on developing a Strategic Plan, it is effectively aligned to the Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda. It should also be aligned with the performance contract between ICTA and the Ministry. The performance contract we have signed should form part of the first-year work plan within your Strategic Plan.”

Also in attendance was the ICT & Digital Economy Principal Secretary, Eng. John Tanui, who encouraged the Board members and the ICTA managerial team to work together. He also called for collaboration with other ministries and agencies.

“As a Ministry, we were happy yesterday to see ICTA entering into a collaboration with KBC, which is also a sister corporation within the ministry. We want to see how we can synergize the assets that are within various organizations so that we can bring value to the function of the ministry,” the PS said.

On his part, the incoming Board Chair, Mr. Sylvanus Maritim, appreciated the opportunity to serve on the ICTA Board.

“On behalf of the Board members, I really want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve as Directors in this critical sector. We do not take it for granted. ICTA plays a critical role in the Kenya Kwanza manifesto. Just to mention, ICT is one of the key pillars in the Kenya Kwanza manifesto. It cuts across as an enabler to the rest of the pillars,” Maritim said.

He congratulated the ministry for the successful milestones achieved since the installation of the Kenya Kwanza administration.

“We are lucky that we are coming in when the ministry is doing very well. Just to mention, the ministry was recently ranked as one of the best ministry for the last six months. On behalf of the Board, we congratulate you,” he said.

“We are all excited and want to be part of the journey. We want to transform ICTA and participate in the digital transformation of this country. We are ready to work and go the extra mile,” said Maritim.

The Chair noted that having looked at the Performance Contract signed with the Ministry, ICTA has many assignments, key among them being the connection of about 60 per cent of schools to Last Mile Connectivity by June. He said that the team is committed to attaining all set targets.

ICTA CEO Stanley Kamanguya gave a vote of thanks to the ministry for their support and expressed optimism about the leadership prowess of the Board members.

“I have keenly looked at the background of the Board members and I think they are going to strengthen our institution. I really appreciate the composition of this Board. I also thank the CS and the PS for the support you continue to extend to the ICT Authority,” Mr. Kamanguya said.

He welcomed the new Board members and assured them of ICTA’s support to attain the set goals of the Authority.

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