Denmark Dispatches 358,000 AstraZeneca Vaccines To Kenya

Kenya will on Monday receive unused 358,000 AstraZeneca vaccines from India.

The country’s ministry of health announced that the vaccines would arrive in the country yesterday night at 9 pm East African Time.

Kenya began vaccinating its people against Covid-19 disease in March this year after receiving the first consignment of 1.02 million doses from India.

Data from the ministry of health indicate that 1,183,376 people have been vaccinated by today, out of which 995,012 have received their first jab and another 188,364-second jab.

Frontline workers such as doctors, teachers, security officers, and the aged were given priority in the exercise launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

So far, health workers 51,691, teachers 21,701, security officers 13,733, and elder people 51,135 have also been inoculated. Those who do not fall in these categories of people are 50,104.

The administration of the second jab in the country has been hit with a shortage of vaccines after India banned vaccine exports to deal with a massive outbreak of the virus within its territory.

Last month, Kenya received another 72,000 vaccines from South Sudan. South Sudan health minister told AFP that they gave out the vaccines to avoid waste since their expiry date was approaching.

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