Detectives finalizing a secondary school student’s death

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Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has announced that it is wrapping up investigations into the murder of Ebby Noelle Samuel who died mysteriously while in school in 2019.

Until her death was a student at Gatanga CMM Secondary school, currently St Anuarite Gatanga Girl’s school in central Kenya.

The deceased was reported to have died on the night of March 8-9 2019, with the school administration saying that the student had fallen from her bed the night before her classmates noticed her motionless body.

However, the information issued by the school contradicts the findings of the DCI. According to the detectives, on the fateful night, Ebby had been assaulted severely by a senior member of the school’s administration on allegations that her hair had been styled contrary to school regulations.

The assault took place when students were having their evening studies.

“Ebby, retired to bed that night with severe injuries.”

“That was the last time Ebby’s friends saw her alive, as their efforts to wake her up the following morning turned futile,” said the DCI.

An autopsy conducted by the government pathologist confirmed that Ebby died as a result of blunt force trauma, due to head injury.

The agency has accused the school of failing to corporate during the investigations.

“We found the school environment intimidating for the witnesses and opted to take their statements once the schools were closed, during the ongoing holiday,” said DCI.

DCI said that it is investigating a conspiracy to defeat justice by the school administration, which gave contradictory statements and has been intimidating students who are willing to give the actual account of what transpired.

When investigations are complete the perpetrators will be brought to book, say detectives.

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