Fatuma Zainab Mohammed Is The New Chair Of the Special Funds Account Committee

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Kenyan Parliament's Special Funds Account Committee on Thursday elected Fatuma Zainab Mohammed as its Chairperson.

The position had attracted two contestants, Fatuma Zainab Mohammed, MP (Migori), and Shakeel Ahmed Shabbir, MP (Kisumu Town East) and the two went through a secret ballot voting process to determine the winner. Fatuma garnered eight votes against Hon. Shakeel's four votes.

The position of Vice Chairperson attracted three applicants: Dawood Abdul Rahim, Erastus Kivasu Nzioka, and Joseph Majimbo Kalasinga.

Kalasinga withdrew his application and proposed Dawood for the position, while the Clerk in charge declared Nzioka as having not met the set criteria for nomination to vie for the position. The Clerk in-charge declared Dawood Abdul Rahim as duly elected the Vice Chairperson of the committee.

In her acceptance speech, Fatuma, a first-time Member of Parliament, called on the members to work together to deliver the committee's mandate.

"I am very grateful and honoured by your decision to vote for me despite being a first-time member of Parliament. I am open to learning and consultation during this process, and I hope we will all work together," she said.

The Vice Chairperson, Dawood, also called on the members to shun their party affiliations and put their heads together to deliver.

"Let me assure the chair and the members that we will all work together and will not be at loggerheads, regardless of our party affiliations. We have a lot on our tables. We will need institutional memory from seasoned members who we hope will guide us as we steer this committee towards achieving our goals," reiterated Dawood.

Shakeel, who had vied for the Chairperson's position, congratulated Fatuma and promised to work with her fully. He also advised her to work on balancing her delivery to her constituents and the committee.

On the other hand, Nzioka accepted the Clerk's decision to disqualify him but promised to contribute to the committee as expected.

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