Floods Displace Families Destroy Property In South-Western Kenya

More than 300 hundred families have been displaced from their homes by flood in Migori County, south-western Kenya.

The flood was occasioned by the heavy downpour being experienced in the various parts of the country.

It has rained heavily in the region for the last four days, and the local authorities have said more families are likely to be displaced if the downpour continues.

The rains also devastated crops of unknown value and roads.

While some victims are being accommodated by their relatives, others are camping at various camps in the area.

Local authorities have implored those living in flood-prone areas to move to higher grounds.

Last week Kenya Meteorological Department warned of heavy rains with the likelihood of floods and landslides.

“The heavy rainfall of more than 30mm which is being experienced over several parts of the country is expected to continue over western, central region including Nairobi area, north eastern, north western and coastal region of Kenya,” said weathermen.

So far, more than twelve people have been killed by flood and thousands of others displaced across the East African country.

“People in landslide-prone areas especially over the slopes of the Aberdare ranges, Mt Kenya and other hilly areas over the western region should be vigilant. Residents are also advised to avoid driving through, or walking in moving water or open fields and not to shelter under trees and near grilled windows to minimize exposure to lightning strikes,” added the weathermen.

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