Integrate Climate Education Into Education Curriculum, Asks Senator Kajwang'

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Kenyan Senator calls for integrating climate Education into the Education curriculum.

In a motion before the Senate, Homabay Senator Moses Kajwang` has called upon the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Kenya Institute for Curriculum Development (KICD), to integrate climate education in the school curriculum to prepare learners on the effects of climatic changes.

"Mainstream climate change education throughout formal education systems through integrating climate education in the school curriculum to creatively prepare children and young people for a rapidly changing, uncertain, risky and possibly dangerous future," said Kajwang'.

Senator Kajwang` further appealed for the training of school administrators to equip them with the necessary information and skills to teach climate education competently. According to the Senator, that will be one of the ways that will contribute to the transformation of untenable climate systems.

In addition, the Senator, the Chairman of the County Public Accounts Committee (CPAC), wants institutions of higher learning to incorporate climate change into their curricula.

"Acknowledging that the Climate Change Act 2016 addresses the integration of climate change into various disciplines and subjects of the national education curriculum at all levels, as well as requiring that the National Climate Council advises public agencies responsible for regulating universities and tertiary institutions curricula on the integration of climate change into their curricula, " he added.

Kajwang` noted that the current school environment in Kenya does not give learners time to explore the climate around them, with the curriculum ignoring the climate question.

He noted that integrating climate education into the national education curriculum will serve to embrace the provisions of the constitution.

"The Constitution of Kenya in Article 42 provides for the right to a clean and healthy environment for every Kenyan, which includes the right to have the environment protected for the benefit of the present and future generations," said the Senator.

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