Joyce musoga, a Kenyan General Service Unit Officer (GSU) who moves from pre-primary head to senior ranks in the elite unit

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A police civilian staff turned police officer, Mrs Musoga's career life will probably inspire others to dream.

She broke all odds and rose to the pinnacle of her career to become a revered administrator responsible for the welfare and gender issues in the elite police unit.

Starting off as a trained teacher whose pedagogical skills enriched children of police officers at the GSU Pre- School, she would later be among the pioneer cohort of female recruits at one of the most demanding police training colleges, the National Police College-Embakasi 'B' Campus, formerly known as the GSU Training School.

Her admission into the police force occurred after she took advantage of a chance provided to her to be among the first group of female recruits to join the department.

She has served and risen to senior administrative positions at the Unit Headquarters, Ruaraka, Nairobi, stated the National Police Service.

At the General Service Unit (GSU) Headquarters in Nairobi, Musonga is currently employed as the Staffing Officer Gender and Welfare.

She is now one of only a few women who have ventured into an industry traditionally dominated by males.

She is now one of only a few women who have ventured to enter into an industry traditionally dominated by males.

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