Kenya has extended its ban on avocados

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The ban on harvesting of Hass and Fuerte avocado cultivars for export in Kenya has been extended.

Agricultural and Food Authority researchers conducted a survey of the present crop on different farms across the country and found that the crop is still immature and unfit for export at this time.

The authority issued an export ban on the two types last year November, which was due to be reviewed later this month.

According to the results of a stakeholder review meeting, the Agriculture and Food Authority has decided to extend the avocado export restriction indefinitely, or at least until the current crop in farms meets the required export requirements.

Kenya had imposed an avocado ban in order to defend its reputation in the international market.

The worldwide market, according to participants in the industry, had created a niche for Kenya, and the immature avocado export that was making its way into the international market was lowering the price.

Export restrictions are also expected to limit interference with the crop's growing cycle and will aid in the estimation of estimated volumes throughout harvests.

The export of the Jumbo type, on the other hand, will continue by air, but will be limited to a maximum size of 184 grams per fruit.

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