Kenya mulling milk importation to curb shortage

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The Ministry of Agriculture is proposing a 30-day import window for milk to address an acute shortage that has hit several parts of the country.

A number of Kenyans who frequently use milk have been forced to do without the commodity in the last month. Many shops and supermarkets have run out of stocks and those that still have few stocks are capping a number of packets a shopper can purchase at a hiked price.

The Ministry has attributed the situation to the prolonged drought in many parts of the country. A ban on milk importation imposed in 2019 is also a contributing factor.

Farmers have also complained about the high cost of animal feed, which has a knock-on effect on the entire supply chain. They want the government to step in before things get out of hand.

The shortage of milk has compelled the processors to adjust their prices in a major blow to consumers who are already grappling with the high cost of basic goods like cooking oil, cooking flour, sugar, etc.

In addition, because processors do not have stocks of powdered milk, which they normally reconstitute into fresh when there is a shortage in the country in order to keep prices under control, the situation is expected to deteriorate further.

Kenyans have expressed their frustrations concerning the current situations.

“Life in this country is becoming unbearable every day. The government should intervene before things get out of hands,” Job Kamau told the Standard Gazette.

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