Kenya Railways Corporation Withdraws Train That Caught Fire

On Sunday, June 6, a train ferrying petroleum products from Kenya’s Nanyuki town to Nairobi caught fire in the middle of its journey.

In a statement released after the incident, Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) attributed the fire to an electrical fault in the engine.

“Our locomotive on its way from Nanyuki caught fire due to an electric fault in the engine,” said KRC management.

KRC noted that a team of its engineers was dispatched to the area to establish what caused the train to caught fire failure.

“The electric fault that led to a small fire and smoke to billow out of the locomotive engine was quickly identified and fixed,” added KRC.

Consequently, the train was removed from the service as a safety precaution to curb further damage to the engine.

The cooperation had dispatched another engine from Nairobi to ensure the wagons are safely transported to Nairobi.

The incident comes ten years after another train caught fire in Nairobi’s Kibera slum endangering the lives of more than 10 000 people on board.

The engineers reported that an electrical fault caused the fire.

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