Kenya Seize 29,000 Litres Of Contraband Ethanol

Police in Kenya have seized contraband of 29000 litres of ethanol being smuggled into the country from neighbouring Uganda.

The goods were snatched at Kenya’s North corridor.

Northern Corridor highway police boss Joshua Nyasimi said the vehicle ferrying the ethanol was nabbed following a tip-off from public members.

The vehicle had diverted from the main highway to evade police, but the officers laid an ambush, seizing it before it went far.

“We intercepted the vehicle and found it was carrying ethanol that is suspected to have passed the border under unclear circumstances with documents showing it was headed to Ethiopia in a town called Oromo,” said Nyasimi.

Nyasimi put the drivers transporting counterfeit products and dealers on notice, noting that they risk arrest and persecution.

There are reports that ethanol is used to make fake liquor in Western Kenya.

Last month, Kenya Revenue Authority, in collaboration with the multi-agency team against illicit trade, destroyed counterfeit products worth $10 million.

Among the products destroyed were 379,760 bottles of spirits, 60 drums of raw spirit, 35,615 bottles of beer, 11,000 bottles of wine and 197,000 packets of cigarettes.

The goods were seized from numerous traders in Nairobi and its environs.

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