Kenyan Teachers Want Boarding Schools To be Scrapped Off

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To quell student unrest, primary school administrators now want the government to abolish boarding secondary schools as part of its overall student unrest strategy.

Members of the Kenya Primary Schools Headteachers Association (KePSHA) claim that parents are crucial players in deciding their children's discipline and that, as a result, they are essential in preventing the current outbreak of indiscipline in secondary schools.

The leaders asserted that the majority of parents were uninvolved in their children's development and had delegated responsibility to instructors.

At a delegates' conference in Mombasa on Thursday, Kepsha proposed that secondary schools be converted into day schools in order to involve parents in the education of their children. Kepsha National Secretary Philip Mitei presented the resolution, which was read out by delegates.

In addition, "we will collaborate with the Kenya National Parents' Association to encourage strong partnership, coordination, and parental participation in order to assist children's re-entry into schools and 100 percent transition from primary to secondary education," he explained.

Johnson Nzioka, the chairman of the KePSHA, emphasized the importance of pupils staying with their parents, stating that advice from two parties, instructors and parents, would be the silver bullet in dealing with the menace.

"The type of misbehaviour that children exhibit in secondary schools will only be curbed by allowing youngsters to spend the most of their time with their parents for guidance and therapy," Nzioka stated.

"As the child walks home, he or she is guided, and as the child enters school, he or she finds a new form of guidance from the teachers." We can inculcate discipline if we work as a team. The burning of schools will no longer be tolerated.

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