Kenyan woman passes out after she taking a drink that she spiked

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A woman who was part of a drinks spiking gang had a taste of her own medicine when she unknowingly took a drink that she had laced with a stupefying substance and passed out in Nyali, Mombasa.

In a classic case of the hunter becoming the hunted, Leah Mwenja, 31, was found unconscious together with three men at Shikara apartments in Nyali, Mombasa county, where the men had booked themselves for a working holiday.

The three men believed to be senior county officials at the physical planning department in Kisumu and an MCA were enjoying their drinks at the popular Masai beach restaurant along the pristine coastal beaches when a bevvy of scantily dressed beauties approached their table.

Spiked Drink
Spiked Drink

Wowed by their stunning looks, they beckoned the ladies to join their table. Little did they know that they were inviting a pack of wolves whose mission wasn't having fun but hunting for easy prey to steal from.

“When they hit fever pitch minutes to 3am, the ladies whispered to the county officials that it was about time they moved to their rooms to crown their celebration since dawn was beckoning! They excitedly staggered from the bar for their rooms with more drinks, not knowing that they were going for their kiss of death,” said the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

On Saturday morning, when other county employees who were part of the team went looking for their seniors, they found them unconscious in their rooms!

Also found reeling from the effects of her own dose was Leah Mwenja, who had unknowingly taken a drink she had spiked.

Her two other accomplices took flight when they realized that their partner in crime had passed out.

They left with the county officials' laptops, mobile phones, and other undisclosed valuables.

“Detectives based at Nyali police station are interrogating Mwenja on the whereabouts of her accomplices, in a bid to recover the valuables stolen from the county officials,” added DCI.

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