Lorry Driver Escapes Death By A Whisker After Being Attacked By Thugs

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A lorry driver is lucky to be alive after he escaped an attack from armed robbers along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway.

Remson Mwaura was driving from Molo towards Kajiado when he was accosted by 3 highway thugs in a Toyota probox on the busy highway in the wee hours of Wednesday.

The vehicle being driven dangerously from one end of the road to the other blocked the lorry suddenly, forcing the driver to stop. Two men hanging precariously on the vehicle's doors leaped on the tarmac and went straight to the lorry's cabin. The machete-wielding trio then menacingly beckoned the driver of the lorry to surrender.

Confronted with the choice of swerving on the other side of the road and driving off or delivering himself into the arms of the robbers, the driver chose the latter.

Mwaura jumped from the cabin flying with both kicks trained on two of the miscreants sending them sprawling on the tarmac.

"Before the third could come to terms with the sudden turn of events, he was met with a powerful blow that catapulted him several metres beneath the lorry's belly," said the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in a statement.

Mwaura then took flight towards a nearby petrol station, situated 100 metres from the scene of the incident but not before one of the thugs attempted a comeback by stabbing him on his right leg close to the loins.

At the petrol station, he met a guard who assisted him in contacting detectives based at DCI Tigoni, and after getting brief details on the lorry, the detectives swung into action.

Moments later, the detectives intercepted the lorry and flagged it down. But the thugs failed to stop and disembarked from the moving lorry, leaving it to land in a ditch.

As the detectives dashed to avoid being run over by the beast, they opened fire at the fleeing thugs and managed to arrest one of them, identified as Alexander Mwaniki, 30.

"The rest escaped the onslaught into darkness, but with severely perforated hindquarters," added DCI.

The arrested suspect is currently in custody and being processed for arraignment to answer to charges of robbery with violence.

Meanwhile, the lorry was towed to Tigoni police station as its driver sought medication at Tigoni hospital.

Detectives are pursuing the remaining two suspects who escaped with gunshot injuries.

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