Man Suspected Of Killing A Granny Arrested

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Detectives have arrested a 20-year-old man in connection with the gruesome murder of an 83-year-old granny in Nguruwei-ni village, Central Kenya, on October 24, 2022.

In the incident that shocked the village residents, Pauline Wanjiku's motionless body was found sprawled on her sofa by concerned villagers who broke into her house after she failed to respond to their endless calls.

"Earlier at about 6 pm, a neighbour identified as Alice Wanjiku, who had not seen maitu (granny) as she was commonly referred to in the village, had walked into the granny's uncharacteristically quiet and neat compound that sits on a hill.

"Save for the monotonous sounds of chirping crickets as dusk settled into the sleepy village, the silence was deafening, prompting Alice to call out her name maitu, maitu, but no response was forthcoming," said the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

However, she noticed that the kitchen door had been left ajar while the door leading to the living room was locked from the outside. Alice checked maitu's backyard, and when she couldn't find her, she gathered a few neighbours, and they broke into the main house.

They were shocked to find the old lady lying lifeless on her sofa with her hands tied together on her back, a headscarf hanging loosely on her frail neck and blood oozing from her mouth.

Immediately, the neighbours alerted police officers based at Kabati police station, who rushed to the scene. The officers established that the house had been ransacked and a 32-inch television, electric jiko, and mobile phone, all belonging to the deceased, were missing.

All left behind was a basket containing the deceased's foodstuff, which she had bought the previous evening at the local shopping centre 300 metres away, for her evening meal.

Details about the murder most-foul were escalated to detectives based at the Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau, who immediately swung into action and visited the scene.

After preliminary investigations, it was established that the deceased lived alone and would occasionally be visited by her grandson Eric Wanyoike, who lives in the city and who had also bought her the television set, electric cooker, and mobile phone.

Tears flowed down the face of the deceased's grandson Eric Wanyoike, who could not come to terms with the brutal killing of his loving grandmother as he recounted how he had visited her and left her hours before she was murdered in cold blood.

After interviewing a few villagers and documenting the scene, the detectives returned to headquarters. They employed cutting-edge forensic technology in their investigations, leading to the arrest of the prime suspect in Waithaka, Dagoretti, Nairobi county.

The detectives recovered the electric cooker stolen from the deceased in the suspect's hideout. In contrast, the television set was recovered from a second suspect, identified as Wilkister Awuor, who admitted to having bought it from the suspect at Ksh5,000($50).

Similarly, the deceased's phone was also recovered from a third suspect, Mercy Kadenge, who bought it from the suspect at Sh600 ($6).

So far, four suspects have been rounded up in connection with the senseless murder and are being held in custody pending arraignment.

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