Management Of The Modern Coast Bus Denies Claims That Their Mombasa-bound Bus Was Involved In An Accident

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Modern Coast, a Kenyan transport and logistics company, has published a statement in response to a bizarre accident that resulted in the destruction of a Mombasa-bound bus on Monday afternoon, December 28.

According to the bus operator, the unfortunate incident occurred along the Chavakali-Kapsabet Road, as the bus was on its way from Mumias, western Kenya, to Mombasa when it happened.

“It should be noted that the bus was not involved in an accident, contrary to rumours on social media, but rather encountered a part of the road that had been restricted after two saloon vehicles were involved in an accident,” read part of the statement.

As the driver manoeuvred the Modern Coast bus away from the accident scene, the bus struck a pothole, causing a small fire to erupt due to the friction caused by the impact.

Following an accident involving two saloon vehicles, the situation swiftly deteriorated when the fire spread to the gasoline that had been spilt during the accident.

"The bus was equipped with a 20kg dry powder fire extinguisher, which is suitable for both solids and liquids; however, the crew was unable to control the massive flame that was sparked by a petrol spill from one of the cars," according to a statement from the logistics company in part.

Fortunately, the driver quickly notified the passengers, who were all rescued and brought to safety within minutes of the accident.

They were later transferred to another bus, where they continued with their journey to Mombasa.

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