Motorists urged to respect animal's right of way

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The police have raised concerns about how motorists treat animals on public roads.
The National Police Service has decried over how animals are cruelly handled by human beings, especially on public roads.
NPS condemned the act portrayed in the picture shared in the Sunday Standard 22nd May 2022, where a heifer is transported cruelly on a motorbike.
According to the service, public roads are transitways for all road users, including all animate beings having the right of way.
The Traffic Act Cap 403 laws of Kenya regulate the movement of vehicles, persons and animals on public roads. Such animals are cited explicitly by law to include cows, horses, mules, donkeys and dogs.
"Recklessness includes acts of cruelty to animals as outlined in the Penal Code. Instances where animals are cruelly handled by humans, and more so on public roads is unlawful and punishable," said the NPS.
NPS called Kenyans to treat animals under our respective charge with care and love.

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