Murder suspect arrested near Kenya-Tanzania border

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Police in Kenya has arrested a woman accused of killing a 3-year-old baby, David Ndung’u.

Phylis Njeri, who tortured the 3-year-old boy to death was smoked out of her hideout at Illasit village, close to the Kenya-Tanzanian border, in a well-coordinated operation conducted by detectives drawn from the elite Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) augmented by detectives from the Homicide branch and a crack unit based at DCI Nairobi regional headquarters.

Sleuths based at the Corporate Communications & Public Affairs unit had gathered information circulating on social networking platforms regarding the baby’s murder most foul and shared details of the incident with the elite teams.

Kenyan Police: Murder suspect arrested near Kenya-Tanzania border
Kenyan Police

Investigations were launched immediately, unearthing gory details of how angel David was brutally murdered by Njeri and her husband Jockson Ngui, while her horrified elder brother Peter Ndung’u watched in shock.

David and his 6-year-old brother Peter had been left under the care of Njeri, by their mother Maureen Njoki, who had left the country in November last year for Saudi Arabia, in search of greener pastures.

Barely four months after her departure, Njoki received the devastating news of her son’s brutal killing, triggering online outrage by Kenyans who called on the DCI to bring the suspect to justice.

The joint team of detectives conducted thorough investigations into the incident and through the application of cyber & digital forensics, the suspects were traced at their hideout in the remote village in Kajiado county, as they desperately sought to cross the Kenyan border to Tanzania.

Further forensic analysis conducted at the couple’s house in Kwa Maji area within Mowlem, in Kamukunji sub-county, revealed that the baby was killed in the house before his body was dumped at Mama Lucy Kibaki’s hospital mortuary.

“Upon realizing the gravity of their actions, the murderous couple had desperately attempted to seek medication at local chemists but the little angel was long gone,” said the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Baby David’s body had severe burns on both hands, legs and buttocks. It also had fresh injuries on the neck, the back and the face, signifying the amount of torture

that the minor underwent, before his painful death.

The detectives also recovered a whip that was used to assault the deceased’s elder brother who was beaten senselessly and threatened with dire consequences should he reveal what had happened to his brother

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