My Daughter Committed Suicide, Said The Father Of Fugitive Cop

The father of a Kenyan fugitive police officer who was found dead in her family’s home has dismissed suspicions that her daughter was murdered.

Caroline Kangogo’s body was found in the family’s bathroom in Kenya’s Rift Valley on Friday morning last week after being on the run for almost two weeks.

She was accused of shooting dead two men in two days.

The deceased father’s Barnabas Korir said that her daughter killed herself from his assessment as a former police officer.  Korir divulged that the bathroom she was found in was locked from inside, ruling any foul play.

He noted that if the bullet had been shot from the front to the back, the blood would have spattered on the back wall, but it was shot from the side.

“I do not like it when people go on with these insinuations that she might have been killed. In case you know for sure she was killed, then come forward and say so. But from what I see, this girl, my daughter, took her own life depending on how we found her.

“There is no way someone could have brought the body and dumped it in that bathroom, but still have it locked from the inside where we found her body. She locked herself inside,” said Mr Korir.

According to Korir, Caroline was dropped home by a motorcyclist on the night of Thursday, July 15.

Her mother found her body in the bathroom while carrying out cleaning duties, and she reported to the police.

“The youth did not know that (his passenger) was my daughter. He just brought her as a regular passenger and dropped her along the road outside the house, about 50 metres from the home,” he added.

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