No option, You must serve 15-year jail sentence - High Court Tells Child Molester

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Kenya's High Court has maintained a 15-year prison sentence handed down to a man who sexually violated his niece, who was seven at the time.

On January 3, 2021, the court's Justice Asenath Ongeri decided that the trial court did not make any errors in convicting the guy in 2018.

“I find that the sentence of 15 years imprisonment is lawful and that there is no reason for me to intervene. I find that his appeal is without merit, and as a result, I dismiss it and sustains both his conviction and punishment," the judge ruled.

The crime was committed on November 14, 2017, in Bureti, Kericho County, Kenya's South Rift, by the convicted felon.

The child testified in court that the guy told her he wanted to send her to the shop but instead directed her to her grandmother's kitchen, which also served as his bedroom, according to the record.

It was her grandmother who discovered the young girl in the man's bed and took her to the hospital immediately.

She went ahead and reported the incident to the appropriate authorities, who apprehended the individual.

The hospital confirmed that the young lady had been sexually abused.

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