Notorious scammer posing as a white woman in police custody

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An infamous fraudster who obtained $1500 from a man who was selling his car through a popular online site, has been arrested by detectives.

Bob Nyongesa, disguised as Ryan Britney, purportedly living in Narok, had called the vehicle owner Ali, posing as a prospective buyer. He expressed willingness to buy the motor vehicle, a sleek Mercedes Benz at approximately $14000.

Nyongesa then requested more photos of the vehicle posted on, before travelling to Nairobi where they would seal the deal. Convinced that the prospective client was a serious buyer, Ali sent him more photos including the interior and other parts of the machine.

However, Ali did not realize that he was in contact with an ex-inmate who has skills in stealing.

Nyonges had served sentences in prison for offences related to fraud and is a seasoned con in obtaining money from unsuspecting victims.

On the day they were supposed to seal the deal, an unfortunate incident occurred. Nyongesa, posing as Ryan contacted the vehicle owner and told him that while on the way to Nairobi from Narok, her vehicle had hit several cows and goats belonging to Masai herdsmen, and the machete-wielding herdsmen were on the verge of lynching her if she did not compensate them $1500.

In a well-scripted lie, Nyongesa sent Ali images of livestock carcasses sprawled on a road and her purportedly damaged vehicle. She appealed to Ali to send her the money and promised to refund once she accessed her bank in the capital, as she made payments for the vehicle.

That was the last time Ali heard from Ryan Britney. Efforts to reach her henceforth became futile, as all calls to her phone number went unanswered.

“Ali was shocked to learn that he had dealt with one Bob Nyongesa, a fraudster with previous run-ins with the law,” said detectives.

Nyongesa was arrested in Ongata Rongai by detectives based at DCI Langata and several SIM cards, Laptops and Mobile phones forming part of his tools of trade were recovered.

The Langata based detectives were supported by their counterparts based at the DCI Nairobi regional command.

The suspect is currently behind bars at Langata police station pending arraignment.

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