Police Arrested A Young Man Who Sneaked To A Neighbouring Girls School Carrying A Condom

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A mission by a teenage young man to meet his girlfriend at a secondary school in Nyeri county, central Kenya, on Monday night hit a snug after he was unmasked by other girls who raised the alarm.

In a statement, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said frantic efforts by the restless 18-year-old man to trace his girlfriend from a crowd of girls walking to their dormitory bore no fruits, as the shocked girls started screaming attracting the attention of the school's guard and the principal.

According to sources from the school, the young man, dressed in the girls' school uniform from head to toe, joined a group of girls as they walked to their dormitories from their evening preps minutes past 10 pm.

"He then sought to know from one of them the whereabouts of a specific girl. But the girl became suspicious since the voice sounded unfamiliar and husky, prompting her to have a closer look at the person making the inquiry, only for her to realize that the fool with a broad chest and hairy chin was a man dressed in their school uniform," said the DCI.

She immediately started screaming, prompting a cacophony of screams from the other girls as they fled to different directions in bewilderment, almost causing a stampede.

The school guard, who heard the screams and scuffles as the scared girls scampered for dear life, rushed towards the dormitories to find out what was happening.

On his way, he encountered a young man who had pulled his skirt above his knees, gathering it in a single knot which he held with the left hand, as he sped off with long strides looking for an escape route.

The guard immediately went after him, and just before the young man jumped over the school perimeter, he pounced on his shoulders and pinned him on the ground, aborting his seemingly well-planned mission.

Police officers were alerted by the school principal, and they responded immediately.

The young man told the officers that he had been invited over by his girlfriend for some unspecified business that the officers could not immediately establish.

However, three condoms, a mobile phone and a lighter were recovered from the student who had stuffed his chest with clothing to create a false impression of a female bosom.

He was whisked to Othaya police station, where he is being processed for the offence of preparation to commit a felony.

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