Police Arrests Three Men Suspected To Be Snatching Mobile Phones From Nyali Residents

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Three robbery suspects who accosted a man in Nyali, Mombasa county, Coastal Kenya, stealing from him two mobile phones are cooling their heels in police custody.

In the Tuesday evening incident, the victim was making his way from the calm waters of the long white sand of Nyali beach when a three-man gang on a motorcycle made a sudden stop, roughed him up, and snatched his two mobile phones in seconds.

But as the trio revved up their get-away motorcycle, the victim made a piercing scream for help that attracted the attention of police on patrol and motorcyclists, who made chase.

Suspending danger, the criminals surrendered to the police. They include Ali Sharrif Omar, 21, Zulfi Zulfikar, 20, and Ali Baribi Kiyema, 18.

They were escorted to Nyali Police Station, where the motorcycle make Boxer KMFX 362B was detained.

The stolen Samsung S8 and Huawei smartphones were not recovered. The suspects claimed they had thrown them into a thicket during the chase.

The three are being processed for arraignment.


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