Police Gang Down Ruai-Based Gang Leader

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Police in Nairobi have killed a suspected thug leader in Ruai.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Paul Muriithi Naomi, alias Muruthi, has been on the detectives' radar for the past few months. He was responsible for the rise in armed attacks in Ruai and its environs.

Muruthi was fatally wounded in a barrage of gunfire after he defied orders to surrender.

He was traced to his house following an intelligence report. Reports indicate that he was smoked out of his hideout by a detective who posed as a hawker.

"Moments later, the detectives knocked, introduced themselves and requested for an audience with the thug. But he instead responded with fire, shooting at the officers from a window. A shootout then ensued as the detectives responded to the provocation with precision," said the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

The thug was subdued, and the sleuths entered the house, where his lifeless body was sprawled on the floor.

A Ceska pistol serial number B 681256 loaded with four rounds of 9mm calibre was recovered, while 11 spent cartridges littered the scene.

Upon preliminary investigations, it was established that the firearm had been violently robbed from a civilian firearm holder a week ago. During the ugly incident, the civilian lost valuables worth over half a million shillings.

Crime scene detectives based at the DCI National Forensic Laboratory processed the scene as the thug's body was moved to the city morgue.

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