Police hunting a six-man gang that robbed family valuable items

Detectives from the office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) are in hot pursuit of a six-man gang that held a family hostage in a despicable night-long robbery before escaping with valuables worth hundreds of thousands in Bahati, Nakuru, north-west of Nairobi.

The machete-wielding gang, which struck minutes before 9 pm Tuesday night, stormed the house where a 7-member family enjoyed their favourite TV program on one of the four liquid-crystal-display screens mounted in various rooms in the house.

After inflicting life-threatening injuries on the man of the house, the marauding gang then tied up the wife, daughter, and three grandchildren aged between 10 and three, alongside their househelp.

“The hoodlums who weren’t in a hurry brazenly ransacked the entire house for over 9 hours, packing the four TV sets, four mobile phones, three gas cylinders, a HP laptop, fridge, mortar, bicycle, assorted clothing among other valuables,” said DCI.

They then transferred Sh80,000 ($800) from the daughter's Mpesa account and another Sh61,800 ($618) from her bank account.

After that, they shamelessly loaded the items into the family's Nissan NV200 van, which they used to stage their daring escape at around 5.45 am!

The family vehicle was later found abandoned by the roadside.

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