Police hunting for two gangs who shot a woman in Eastern Kenya

On Tuesday, a woman was shot in the left leg while saving a man fleeing from armed assailants in Igembe, Meru county, Eastern Kenya.

Eliphas Mutwiri, a motorcycle rider at Laare market in Igembe, was ferrying two pillion passengers to a nearby market when one of them suddenly brandished a pistol and ordered him to stop.

A defiant Mutwiri declined, and a scuffle ensued as he tried to disarm the thug, who had reached for the bike's ignition key.

Mutwiri dumped the bike in a ditch with the thugs on board after the firearm discharged one bullet in the subsequent struggle, forcing him to flee for his life.

“As the thugs gathered themselves from their fall, Mutwiri sought refuge at the woman’s house where he was ushered in the most unlikely of places,” said DCI.

The enraged thugs, who had lost interest in the motorcycle, stormed the woman's home a minute later, baying for Mutwiri's blood.

The attackers shot the woman in the leg as they departed after she denied harbouring the rider.

“Following the woman’s shooting, a heartbroken Mutwiri crept out of his hideout and together with neighbours who had responded to the gunshot sounds, helped her to hospital,” added DCI.

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