Police In Pursuit Of a man who set his house ablaze, injuring his wife and son

A 23-year-old woman and her 2-year-old baby escaped death on Saturday night after her husband set their house ablaze following a domestic argument in Mbooni, southeastern Kenya.

Diana Mutiso sustained serious injuries on her face, waist, and hands after she braved the raging inferno to save her little angel Olivia, who miraculously escaped the incident unscathed.

In a statement released by the DCI, her husband Davis Matata, 24, had returned home drunk at around 11 pm and picked a quarrel with her over an unspecified reason.

Minutes later, the quarrelsome Matata reached for a bottle of Kerosene in the house and doused all household goods with the fuel before setting it ablaze.

Matata then took flight leaving his wife and their little angel to be consumed by the fire.

Determined to save her son's life, Matata's wife, who had rushed after her fleeing husband, returned to the house engulfed by the raging flames and grabbed her son Olivia before jumping outside the house.

As a result of her brave actions, she sustained serious burns on her hands, face, and waist. Diana is currently admitted to a local hospital in Mbooni, where doctors stabilized her condition.

“We have launched a manhunt for the suspect, with a specialized team of sleuths being deployed for his arrest,” said DCI.

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