Police Officers Save Victim From Notorious Electronic Vendors in Nairobi

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A team of police officers on Wednesday saved a victim from a fraud scheme by rogue electronic vendors in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

The officers drawn from Kamukunji Police Station were on routine patrols at the Central Business District when they responded swiftly following a tip-off from public members.

The victim had paid for his new TV set but opted out of the transaction when the fraudster doubled the price immediately pay for the item was made.

He had given up on receiving his money back until the arrival of Police Constable Peter Musembi and his Kamukunji-15 patrol team who took appropriate action and ensured the victim was fully compensated.

The incident came amid growing concern by the public over a few unscrupulous dealers in electronics along a named street in Nairobi CBD where fraudsters thrive by conning unsuspecting customers in the guise of selling cheap TV sets.

They reportedly lure customers with unbeatable offers on new electronics and once the agreed price is paid, they set new conditions that soar the cost; sometimes to double the agreed price, and getting a refund for buyers who opt out of the transaction is reportedly a daunting task.

While many victims have benefitted from the timely intervention by police officers, the unlucky few have ended up paying additional costs to the detriment of their pockets, with unreported incidences of customers losing their hard-earned cash in the daytime thuggery.

“While we acknowledge the many genuine traders who earn an honest living on a willing-buyer-willing-seller basis, there is a crop of rogue dealers who use fraudulent schemes to fleece innocent Kenyans of their hard-earned cash,” said the police.

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