Police partners with schools to eradicate indiscipline cases

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Police and secondary schools’ administrators have found a novel way of collaborating to deter triggers to school indiscipline.

As school resumes learning following a two-month break, some schools have collaborated with the National Police Service (NPS) K-9 Unit formerly the Dog Unit to conduct search for contraband and drugs to reporting students.

According to police, a good number of students were busted sneaking rolls of bhang to schools in the last two days.

“Crime prevention is the best remedy towards a safe and secure environment,” said police.

In a statement, NPS said that schooling environment should be free from all forms of drugs and contraband that may jeopardize learning and safety of students and teachers.

NPS has hailed the newfound initiative of sanitizing schools and other institutions of learning.

NPS also noted that the initiative is a police-community remedy to enhance the safety of our neighbourhoods.

“Kudos to Commandant K-9 Unit and your hardworking officers. And not forgetting our ‘on-point’ sniffers!” said NPS.

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