Police react to a video of motorist attacking a cop

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The National Police Service (NPS) has condemned a video of a motorist fighting a police officer.

In a statement, NPS said the suspect has been arrested awaiting arraignment.

He will be charged with assault on a police officer, which could result in a ten-year prison sentence or a Ksh1 million ($10000) fine, or both.

“NPS wishes to condemn this ugly incident which displayed open disrespect to an officer of the law who was actively engaged on his official duties,” read part of the statement.

“Section 103 of the National Police Service Act No. 11A of 2011 provides for a harsh punishment against an act of aggression towards a police officer on official duty,” the statement further stated.

NPS further lauded onlookers for protecting the officer who was on duty.

“Our sincere gratitude to the members of the public who came to the aid of our officer. We urge the public to cooperate with the police in their duty of keeping our communities safe.

According to reports, the fracas flared up after the police officer intervened following an accident in which the motorist’s car was involved.

While the officer was engaged in discussions with civilians who witnessed the incident, the motorist moved towards the cop and punched him on the head leading to a violent altercation.

Bystanders who had gathered at the scene immediately moved in to aid the officer.

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